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POLITEKNIKA TXORIERRI S. Coop. Ltda. started its education activity in the academic year 1979/80. It was a strategic project of the industrial enterprise MATRICI, S. Coop. to give an answer to the need of vocational training (FP) in the valley of Txorierri, Derio (Bizkaia), with a second high cycle of FP enlarging the offer from the first cycle that was covered up to this time. In a second phase, other enterprises joined the project: Grupo Arteche, S. A., Ondoan, S. Coop., Fagor Arrasate, S. Coop., Prointec, S. A., Batz Zamudio, S. Coop. and Fundación Gaztempresa of Caja Laboral. Later on, support from the surrounding community of municipalities Larrabetzu, Lezama, Zamudio, Derio, Sondika and Loiu) allowed to erect a new building (1992), and the community decided to integrate as fully partners. This way, the legal entity is now an Integral Cooperative Society, with the participation of families, enterprises, employees and municipalities.

The mission of the Cooperative, as reflected in their statutes, is the development of an education project, meeting the socio-cultutal characteristics of the Community in witch is included and the needs for the integral training of persons to serve society; with main dedication to the promotion of technical-professional training in all levels, having in mind all the interests and the personal attitudes of trainees and the socio-laboral requirements of their local area. All of these activities are executed in a not-for-profit way.

Formal Education Offered

  • Software and Telecommunication Systems
  • Industrial Automation and Robotics
  • Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Manufacturing Design
  • Environmental Educationn and Control
  • Sales and Commercial Management
  • Machining

Specialised Postgraduated Courses

Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri provides the following especialiased courses addressed to postgraduated students from a High Level Vocational programme:

  • Die Design and Manufacturing
  • Production equipment control and management for the high level automated industry

These specialised courses are developed in an altenative dual training mode (company + education facilities)


Gold Q to the excellence in organisation management; ISO 14001

International Projects

  • Abroad internships: Every year 10-15 High Level Vocational Training second year students make their 3 months practices at European enterprises (Germany, Sweeden, Finland, Austria, Portugal, The Nederlands...)
  • Erasmus+ Programme (Projects focused to enhance professors and students profesional competences):
    • LIFE on LINE: To enhance entrepreneurship and employability competences (on-line)
    • ENGINE4F: To increment the number of women in the technical areas
    • Openin: Development of an ARDUINO training course both addressed to profesors and students
    • Safety4EI: On´line course in general safety and focused to electricity
    • Qualt4T2: To support professors teams for developing strategic planning
    • 4S for Employment :To improve student focus and to enhance employability
    • Net-Ent: To promote entrepeneurship
    • App.Mod.E: To give support to second education and vocational training students to acquire entrepreneurship mind and competencies
    • ROI of WBL and apprenticeship: Digital tool for the calculation of dual training return focused on SMEs
    • VET-GPS: To promote cross competences development focused to make easier student employability
  • Sole Basque Country Vocational Training Centre managing Global Training scholarships intended to ease postgraduate students stays (from any Basque Country centre) in any enterprise around the world: Canada, South Africa, The Nederlands, Germany, Czech Republic, United Kingdom... (6 months duration and €1,400 per month).

R & D and innovation

Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri collaborates with Tknika (Basque Government Centre for Vocational Training innovation) to develop Innovation Projects in order to discover new technologies that could be implemented in every other Vocational Training Centre:

  • High Speed Machining (2007/2008 year course)
  • Fasten tooling machining (2010/2011 and 2011/2012 year courses)
  • Tooling design for ultra resistant sheet metal handling (2014/2015 and 2015/2016 year courses)
  • Control systems automation and data collection using Arduino (2014/2015 and 2015/2016 year courses)
  • Ed Printed Materials (2016/2017 year course)
  • Direct Servo forming technology (in Basque language)(2016/2017 year course)
  • Hot stamping tooling for UHSS steel and for composite material trimming (2016/2017 year course)
  • Hot stamping sheet metal part manufacturing and laser trimming (2017/2018 year course)
  • Ed Printed Materials II (2017/2018 year course)
  • Virtual Machining (2017/2018 year course)
  • Photogrametry (2017/2018 year course)
  • Industrial and collaborative robotics environments machine Vision (2017/2018 and 2018/2019 year course)
  • Die design in Industry 4.0 (2018/2019 year course)
  • Rotative integral parts manufacturing technologies: blade rings in 5 axes milling machine (2018/2019 year course)

Forging processes services for designing and manufacturing

  • Materials advandced characterisation:
    • Stress and strain tests from room temperature
    • Torsion tests from room temperature
    • Material physical and mechanical properties characterisation
    • Microstructutal and grain size analysis
  • Process numeric simulation (Pam Stamp and Solidworks Simulation):
    • Filling simulation and initial material optimisation (filling and folding wrinkles)
    • Forging steps and geometry optimisation to enlarge tooling life
  • Tooling design and prototype forging:
    • Cold and hot forging product design
    • Cold and hot forging die and tooling design under automotive standards
    • 150 tonnes hydraulic press prototype forging
    • Final forged parts 3D scanning


Untzaga Ibaia Kalea, 1
48160 Derio (Bizkaia)
Tel.: +34 94 403 40 60