Basic Services

  • Sector representation for the members: in sectorial committees, working groups within other associations or institutions; being representative to the national or European public administration.
  • AENOR/EN/ISO standardisation working groups.
  • Permanent information and repository for the members about legal issues, rules, standards, national, European and international directives important to the forging sector.
  • Master document for writing Contract General Conditions.

Technology View

  • Technical information related to products and processes, mainstream innovation and technology trends.
  • Technical Forging library (English, German, Japanese, and Spanish).
  • Forging international database, also containing forging equipment and services suppliers:
    • Forging industry players.
    • Database on R&D and innovation European and international projects

Material and forging equipment pool

Material and forging equipment pool offered to other members.

Be a Sife member:

  • Any company on the forging industry, fully or partially dedicated to forge, whose at least 1 productive plant not located abroad.
  • Now Sife consists of 15 members companies, divided between full membership and associated members. They have installed 20+ forging plants, some of them located abroad, mainly in Europe, China, and NAFTA. Total production capacity exceeds 500,000 t, of those only 290,000 t are produced in the country.
  • Membership fees are established for each company based on the annual turnover of the company on forging business, and they start at only €1,500 per year.

If you would like to discuss the benefits further please contact Sife at the e-mail: or on the phone +34 944 433 450