Management and quality improvement

Support for advanced management systems deployment

  • Quality
  • It was originally focused on quality system ISO 9000 certification, but it has evolved to support companies in management excellence development, following EFQM as the reference model.

    Relevant activities are: management benchmarking, sectorial analysis, elaboration of Guides to deploy management tools adapted for the forging industry (autocontrol, maintenance, customer satisfaction measurement…), non-quality costs evaluation, experiences interchange and international view, training by the Basque Advance Mangement Agency, Euskalit, et.

  • Environment
  • SIFE has an agreement with the Basque Environment Agency, IHOBE (, that providing access to environment information, legislation, manuals, etc.

    Technical Committee is also a forum to discuss common environmental problems and to interchange best practices (reducing noise, lubrication and waste disposal).

  • Safety
  • Maintenance, safety and production experts in the companies interchange best practices and solutions at Working Groups. They discuss about common forging issues: heat sources elimination, capturing and extracting systems, protections systems at the machine, etc.