To facilitate co-operation

Encouragement and co-ordination of R&D and innovation activities

  • Co-operation:
    • Between SIFE members
    • Inter-sectorial
    • International
  • R&D co-operation projects development:
    • Local funding programmes
    • European funding programmes
  • Help in building working consortia

International network

Logo Ekuroforge

EUROFORGE ( headquartered in Brussels, is the European Federation of National Forging Associations, including Belgium, Check Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Spain.

As global objective, EUROFORGE provides the path to answer to the European market challenge. Thus, they can be able to enlarge National Associations activities and services (European statistics, benchmarking analyses, contracting requirements, good practices, e-business, etc.), and besides, provides a forum for the European forging industry facilitating experience interchange, common problems discussion, information exchange and protection of their interests before public and private institutions.

SIFE takes active part in the executive board, technical committees, and Working Groups of EUROFORGE, namely:

  • President of EUROFORGE: José Yudego, CIE Automotive (member of SIFE)
  • President of the Automotive Working Group: José Ros, Forging Products Trading, and president of SIFE

For year 2014, EUROFORGE was appointed to organize the 21st International Forging Congress celebrated in Berlin (Germany). During the 3 days, conferences were deployed covering several key forging issues. In parallel, an exhibition showed last advancement in forging equipment and specialised technology. For the international delegates, 7 after-congress tours were arranged around the forging plants in 7 corresponding European countries, including Spain.