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To convert knowledge to GDP, developing new business opportunities

To develop and produce solutions basded in new technologies and adapted to the forging process requirements.


Steel and non-ferrous metals characterisation used in hot and warm closed die forging.

Value Proposal

  • Process

    • Forging processes Improvement and development using simulation and prototiping
    • New processes development and implementation.
      • Simulation advanced model development including heating microestructures evolution during the process, heat treatments, and tooling behaviour.
      • Process monitoring and automation.
  • Products
    • New forging products, new materials and associated processes for eficient manufacturing
    • Product quality control using machine vision
    • New final use adapted functionality steels

Technology Services

  • Material engineering for failure analysis and prevention, life extension, industrial sector oriented characterisation and certification, mainly for metalic materials: new steels, ferrrous alloys and non-ferrous metals, used in hot, warm and cold closed die forging.

  • Welding technology consulting


  • ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-17025
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