Governing bodies

General Assembly

  • One representative for each full member.
  • Following the statutes elects from volunteer full members a President for a 4-year mandate.
  • Finishing first mandate President can be elected one more mandate or a new President will be elected as needed.
  • General Assembly appoints a Board of Directors composed by the President and full members appointed for that.
  • General Assembly meets once in a year, except in case of an extraordinary meeting is required.

Board of Directors

  • It is the top administrative body in between two General Assemblies.
  • It approves strategic plans and annual plan, watch over the business objectives, and gives advice in all its competing issues.
  • Director General acts as secretary of the Board, having a voice in but without right to vote for resolutions.
  • Board of Directors normally meets every 3 months.

Director General

  • Appointed by the Board of Directors.
  • He is responsible of day-to-day management, writing management plans and submitting them to the Board for obtaining its approval. Once that is done, execution of the annual plan will be leaded and managed.

Technical Committee

  • It meets 4 times a year.
  • It focuses on technical information distribution between the organisation of every company and it continuously demand new information.
  • It tracks the R&D & innovation collaborative projects development, assessed more that a member company is included in it and than a public body is supporting it.

Commercial Committee

  • It meets 4 times a year.
  • It evaluates the market evolution for the forging industry by categories (size, trends, production, deliveries in t, sales in currency €).
  • It receives information generated in the European Association EUROFORGE, in which SIFE is a full member and active participant from the Executive Board to the Automotive Working Group.

Ad-hoc Committees

  • When a special or specific committee is needed to solve some issue, whatever the origin of that issue is, an ad-hoc Committee is quickly launched from either the Technical or Commercial Committees or both, depending on the issue origin, and it is committed to work on it, propose solutions and even execute them.