Misión y visión

To improve forging industry companies


Mission of SIFE is to improve forging industry companies, facilitating co-operation between companies through the value supply chain and pave the way for public-private collaboration.

SIFE provides value to their members in areas such as technology, markets, internationalisation, management innovation and training. To do so, SIFE develops specific activities comprising companies co-ordination, forging industry analysis and positioning, communication, international congresses, and participation into forging industry international networks.


To be acknowledged as the reference and unique liaison to forging industry in Spain, bringing together forging industry technology and capacities they provide to the global market.

For it, Sife will obtain maximum representation in Spain, in the European Union via the national forging associations being part of EUROFORGE and in other countries, and in forging industry global market, by means of their own and possibly collaborations between peers organisations.